Materials Used in Ornamental Turning - Holly

Ornamentally Turned Objects


Holly & Purpleheart
Picture courtesy Roland Hege

This is an excellent wood for ornamental turning, and gets used often.

The wood is fairly dense, and it holds shapes very well. But it is the lightness in color, and the relative plain-ness of the wood which is why it is chosen for ornamental turning often.


This wood is not highly available, especially in large pieces. Prototyping the design on less expensive and more easily available woods is highly recommended.

Work Holding

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Ornamental Turning Notes

Alternatives to Holly are field maple, hard maple, or English sycamore, though their colors are not as bright white. These may be acceptable for work where colors are showing through as cuts are made through multiple layers.


Properly cut, no finishing should be needed.

Other Notes

More information is in The Wood Database.

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