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Desert Ironwood

Desert Ironwood

This is an excellent wood for ornamental turning, though it is less used as it has natural beauty, and the ornamentation could easily become gaudy. I have used it to make shaving brushes and it gave some excellent results.

It is quite hard (Janka hardness = 14,500 N), so expect to resharpen often. That hardness enables it to hold shapes very well.


This wood is hard to find in large pieces, so making a prototype with a less expensive wood is recommended.

Work Holding

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Ornamental Turning Notes

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Finishing this may be necessary to bring out the cuts. If you have parts of the object which use the sap wood (the lighter colored part), consider a sealant that will close up the pores. An object that gets handled often (like a shaving brush) will tend to draw dirt into the pores of the sap wood, giving it dirty lines.

If it is to be handled, I use Tried & True’s Original Wood Finish.

When it is used for items like shaving brushes where it will be around water often, a polyurethane finish might have been considered, but don't go there. It does not work well with this wood and the resulting finish is horrible. Lacquer is a much better choice for this purpose.

Other Notes

More information is in The Wood Database.

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