Materials Used in Ornamental Turning - Bloodwood

Ornamentally Turned Objects

African Bloodwood

Patagonian Bloodwood

This is an excellent wood for ornamental turning.

It is a very hard woods (Janka hardness = 12,990 N), and it to holds shapes very well and the ornamental turning cuts show well.

Some turners don't like the very prominent pores in the wood. I find that it works well when paired with another piece, e.g., when this is used for the lid on a box made from a different wood.

It has reasonable availability, and is not overly costly.


Prototyping the design on less expensive woods is recommended.

Work Holding

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Ornamental Turning Notes

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Finishing this may be necessary to bring out the beauty of the wood. Without a finish, it may look a bit dry. I use Tried & True’s Original Wood Finish.

Other Notes

More information is in The Wood Database.

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