Rose Chuck


The Rose Chuck is similar in nature to the Rose Cutting Frame. With the Rose Chuck, the chuck is affixed to the spindle nose of a simple lathe, and the object being held is moved according to the design of the rosette which is also affixed to the Rose Chuck. It was developed in the early days when rose engine lathes were rare.

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Published Articles

  • Engineering Magazine
    • Volume XLI, 25th June 1886. The SOT have a copy of this article on their web site, which includes pictures and drawings.
    • Volume LIV, 19th August 1892

Books and Papers

  • Holtzapffel Volume VI, compiled by John Edwards. Part 1, Chapter 2
  • Notes on the Rose Chuck and Pumping Apparatus, published by Holtzapffel & Co.
  • Patent #5570 registered by George William Budd on 6th May 1885

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