Historical Ellipse Chuck

Oval Rosette in a
Paper Chuck Drawing

An Oval design can be achieved using either an oval rosette, or an Ellipse Chuck.

The link below to an article by Johannes Volmer also addresses the use of oval turning for making frames (for pictures, paintings, or mirrors).

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Published Articles

  • An Elliptical Turning Chuck, by W.G.N., in "Machinery" magazine, April 30th 1925. There is a copy available at The SOT's website.
  • Lathe-Attachment for Elliptic Turing Machinery, by I.F.Y., in "Machinery" magazine, June 26th 1924. There is a copy available at The SOT's website.
  • Lathe Fixture for Elliptical Turning and Boring, in "Machinery" magazine, 05 March 1925, pg. 43-44. There is a copy available at The SOT's website.
  • Lindow Rose Engine Project Procedures, Section 2, Using Ovals
  • Oval Box, by Peter Gerstel. Rose Engine News, Volume 4, No. 3, Winter, 2013-4, pg, 17
  • Ovalturning, by Johannes Volmer and Gerhard Ehrlich. Translated from German by David Springett.
  • Patterned Oval Box by Peter Gerstel and David Lindow. Ornamental Turners International Newsletter, Volume 20, No. 3 - Fall-Winter, 2013, pg. 10
  • Turning Ovals, US Patent Number 94130 (Aug 24th 1869) as filed by Paul Pryibil. There is a copy available at The SOT's website.

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