Erbschloe-Musterman Lathe


Erbschloe-Musterman Rose Engine Lathe
Image courtesy Jon Sauer

The Erbschloe-Musterman Rose Engine lathe has always been like the Loch Ness monster to me. I kept hearing about it, but I can only find information about Jon Sauer using one.

Jon was kind enough to send me this information about it.

Our professional grade 14-inch swing machine delivers the highest quality work-surface finish of any rose engine manufactured and will continue to do so for decades to come. Superior engineering and the highest quality components ensure consistent, smooth, and silent performance with minimal maintenance, easy customization, rapid set-up, and dependable interchangeability of parts. It is designed and manufactured in America by the preeminent authority on rose engines.
Models are available for engine turning, ornamental turning, and special operations involving any applicable material, including architectural or hard stone, grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and wire-feed weld surface build-up. Filament winding rose engines, complete with tensioners, rollers, and powered delivery heads for use with prepreg tow are also available. Handicap accessible machines and machines designed for sheltered workshop applications can be furnished to address a wide variety of circumstances.
Machines may also be outfitted with limited SPC or DRO. Virtually unlimited configurations and possibilities for accessories are available, including over 2,200 proven rosette designs.

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