Ornamental Turning and 3D Printing

3D Printing has opened up some very interesting and cost-effective options with ornamental turning. Additionally, complex shapes can be modeled in a 3D CAD program like Fusion 360, and then made quite perfectly.

  • Certain items like rubbers with special shapes (like these for the MDF Rose Engine Lathe) will not be used frequently and make sense to 3D print.
    • Different shapes for rubbing the rosettes can be quickly mocked up and tested.
    • 3D printing filaments like PLA are softer than the materials used in most rosettes, so they are unlikely to damage the rosette(s).
  • Rosettes are area where there seems to be some emerging thought. More information is on the rosette page in the section titled, 3D Printing Rosettes.
  • Other items like gears and pulleys are also viable for 3D printing, though some may necessitate other filament types to accommodate the specific use cases.

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