Ellipse Chuck


Historical Ellipse Chuck

An Ellipse Chuck is used to make oval parts. It is sometimes called an elliptical chuck or oval chuck.

Ellipse Chuck

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  • Dale Larson shows how to turn an oval bowl in this YouTube video.

How it works

This is not a project that I would recommend for the weekend machinist.

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  • Paul Pryibil secured a patent, #94,130 on 24 August 1869 for an "Improvement in Machine for Turning Ovals". The patent can be read here.

Web Sites

  • John Edwards' web site, OrnamentalTurning.co.uk, really does a far better job explaining these devices than I could ever do, and there is also a lot of great information there which is worth reading.
  • Understanding the historical devices really helps make one far better at understanding and using today's rose engines. The newer designs for devices like a spherical slide still draw much from what was done more than a hundred years ago. And this is why so many books that were written up to 200 years ago are referenced in the Books section.



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