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A Crossing Wheel, also known as a Crossing Plate, is used to align the rosettes to the spindle. It can ensure the phasing is correct, or to change the phasing.

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In this video, ornamental turning crossing wheel intro, David Lindow describes how one is used on the Lindow-White Rose Engine Lathe.

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John Calver sent an idea in to the Rose Engine News ,Volume 4, No. 1 - Spring-Summer, 2013, pg, 19:

I have had a little trouble at times deciding if I should phase the crossing wheel to the left or right. When I guilloché pen barrels, I phase up 6 rotations and then down 6 positions, I have found that if my mind wanders for a moment in ticking off my position on my list, indexing and then phasing, I have made an error in phasing direction. My little arrow rotates in the lower dowel and "points the way" to phase. I find that I am more efficient and accurate with this little jig.

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