Armbruster Mark I & Mark II Rose Engines


Armbruster Mark II Rose Engine
Image courtesy Mark Berry

Fred Armbruster made two exact replicas of Paul Fletcher's Holtzapffel Rose Engine. These were introduced to the world in 1997, and he called them the Armbruster Mark I Rose Engine.

Gorst & his Armbruster Mark I
Pictured are Michael Brooks, DH Mayeron, & Gorst
Image courtesy Jon Sauer

Those two machines were sold to Jon Sauer and (the late) Gorst du Plessis. Celia Kudro now owns the one Gorst owned, and she posted this comment on Instagram regarding it:

It is Jon's favorite rose engine. It was Gorst's favorite rose engine. It is my favorite rose engine too.

Later, Fred made the Armbruster Mark II Rose Engines, using current-day standards. Unfortunately, rumor has it that Fred stopped at 27 of these, and there won't be any more.

I consider this machine to be a fine piece of artwork, and there are some very fine artists who use this machine.

Note: The standard thread definitions we know and love today (UNC, UNF, etc.), didn't come about until 1949.

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