Materials Used in Ornamental Turning
African Blackwood

Blackwood, African

Picture courtesy John Edwards

Ornamentally Turned Objects

This is an excellent wood for ornamental turning, and gets used often. It is fairly rare and expensive, so there are alternative options. Katalox is one good and less expensive alternative to blackwood. Gilmer (and others) often have blackwood oboe bell blank “rejects” for a better price than logs or turning blanks.

It is quite hard (Janka hardness = 16,320 N), so expect to resharpen often. That hardness enables it to hold shapes very well, and the relative plain-ness of the wood allows for the ornamental turning cuts to show well.

African Blackwood can be confused with ebony as the color and look are similar; however ebony is not as hard (13,700 N Janka hardness).

Ornamental Turning Notes

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Properly cut, no finishing should be needed.


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