Jigs, Fixtures, Modifications, &
Improvements to Rose Engine Lathes

Some really great modifications have been developed by ornamental turners, and this is a quick reference to them.


MDF Rose Engine Amplitude Adjuster

This is the Amplitude Adjuster I added to my MDF rose engine lathe. These are the directions for making one.

Amplitude Adjuster

Pivot Point

Amplifying Rubber

Rosette Rubber

This video shows one in use.

MDF Rose Engine Tailstock

Roland Hege posted pictures on the OTI forum of the tailstock he made for his MDF rose engine lathe.

Scale on Fading Wedge
Tape Measure Masking Tape

Scotch Expressions
Masking Tape

Scotch brand makes some masking tape with graduations on it. I find it useful fo on my MDF rose engine lathe for certain parts.

One use is on the fading wedge, as shown to the right. I just put a piece on each side (carefully aligned), and cut the numbers off. Really works well.

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