Goniostat / Goneostat


The original Goniostat as outlined by Charles Holtzapffel in his 1850 book, Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, Vol. 3 - Abrasive and Other Processes not Accomplished with Cutting Tools. This was designed to work with a flat stone, though now these are used with flat spinning disks, and a newer variation of it is still available.

Lukin designed the Goniostat to the left, and published it in 1894.

Just getting started?
You will need a way of sharpening fly cutters if that is what you use. If you are using carbide inserts, this is probably not needed.

Additional pictures of this device

A more modern one from Mike Fallows

One I designed and made for use on a Tormek sharpener

Notes on making one

  1. Drawings for the one designed by Mike Fallows are below.

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