Geometric Chuck


2 Stage Geometric Chuck by Ibbetson

A Geometric Chuck (sometimes called an Epicycloidal Chuck) is used for cutting patterns made up of rolling centres.

Just getting started? : You can definitely delay getting one of these.

Geometric Chuck
Image courtesy of Skinner, Inc.

Additional pictures of this device

Newer Geometric Chuck

5 Stage Geometric Chuck by Plant

Examples of this device in use

Leinhard Rose Geometric Chuck

This is a YouTube video from Chuck Bommarito (aka, outsidescrewball) showing a Leinhard Rose Geometric Chuck in use. The video is a bit long, but does show the chuck well, as well as a piece made on it.

This video shows an Ibbetson Geometric Chuck on a Holtzapffel rose engine lathe.

How it works

Epicyclic Motion

Basically, it is achieved by rolling one object around another, forming a composite of two perfectly circular motions (see also the graphic below of a planet in epicyclic motion).

That pictures shows one stage, now imagine that multiple 2, 3, or even 5 times.


The geometric mathematics behind this chuck's movement are explained by Dr. Frank Farris in his 1996 paper, "Wheels on Wheels on Wheels-Surprising Symmetry". There is also a nice article on this at Wolfram MathWorld.

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