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Eccentric Cutting Frame
Just getting started?
The eccentric cutting frame is a very nice add-on to the drilling frame. Do consider it for one of your first add-on parts.

Eccentric Cutting Frame
Image courtesy
Lindow Machine Works

The Eccentric Cutting Frame is a variation of the fly cutter, but the cutter's body is held in a drilling frame. The cutter is spinning along the same axis as the drilling frame, but eccentrically from it (like the eccentric chuck).

John Edwards has a great web page about these devices.

Work made by an eccentric cutting frame is shown to the left.

There is a hand-operated version of this tool, which is called by some a Pearling Tool.

Balancing the eccentric cutting frame is very important, and the video below shows Jon Spencer's design for that. (Jon is a great resource for cutting tools.)

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