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Eccentric Chuck

Historical Eccentric Chuck

An Eccentric Chuck is used for holding an object off-center from the axis of rotation. On high speed lathes, great care must be taken to balance the work when running eccentrically. But, on an ornamental lathe, the rotation is significantly slower so this is not an issue. That is why home made versions are so easily made.

Modern Eccentric Chuck
Image courtesy Axminister Tools & Machinery

Bill Ooms made one using Corian. The video of how he did it is below.

Jon Magill authored an article titled, "Ornamental Obsessions—Slightly Eccentric" that has more pictures and details. That article was published in the AAW's magazine, "American Woodturner" in Fall 2009, pages 60-62.

The chuck below could also be inclined as shown below, making it somewhat like an oblique chuck.

Home-made Eccentric Chuck
Images courtesy Jon Magill

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